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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Board of County Commissioners do?

The Board of Commissioners’ major responsibilities include adopting the annual County budget, setting the County property tax rate, establishing County policies and acting on zoning and other land use matters. The Board also appoints members of numerous citizen boards, committees and commissions.

When does the Board of Commissioners meet?

The Commissioners' formal meetings and briefings are held on Thursdays at 2:00 pm, making them difficult for the average working citizen to attend. 

Who are the current Board of Commissioners?

District A
Tonya D. McDaniel - Term Expires: Dec. 2026
Malishai Woodbury - Term Expires: Dec. 2026


District B
Richard V. Linville - Term Expires: Dec. 2024
Don Martin - Term Expires: Dec. 2026
David R. Plyler - Term Expires: Dec. 2024
Gloria D. Whisenhunt - Term Expires: Dec. 2024


At Large
Dan Besse - Term Expires: Dec. 2026

Which district do I live in?

Click here to find your current elected officials!

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