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Housing Development


Not a Policy, but a Human Right

Abundant affordable housing is a major crisis throughout the US and Forsyth County is no different. But fixing this problem can provide numerous benefits to an area. The establishment of a secure haven for daily sustenance, rest, and work, insulated from the external uncertainties, offers not only a tangible shelter but also a vital psychological refuge for both children and adults.

As a County Commissioner, I will be dedicated to advocating for policies that foster the ongoing expansion of housing and infrastructure, leveraging the optimal utilization of our county's valuable land resources. This entails a holistic approach that encompasses the development of both single-family and multi-family homes. By actively promoting increased housing initiatives across the entirety of the county, we can work towards cultivating a thriving affordable housing market.

Through the strategic establishment of a comprehensive and accessible housing framework throughout Forsyth County, we will work to provide families with a place to call home. At the same time, this effort can increase county funds, enabling better services for everyone and creating a stronger community.

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